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Product Registration

Product registration is a fundamental step for companies wishing to sell products online. Zeoos' specialized team can curate the products and ensure compliance of their registrations with the norms and legal requirements of each marketplace. In addition, a complete and well-crafted registration significantly increases product and brand visibility, as well as improves online ad performance. Invest in the quality of registration and watch your sales performance improve.

Account Manager

Zeoos offers a premium Account Manager service to provide you with a personalized point of contact and to monitor all your activities on marketplaces. Our specialized team will be by your side to optimize your sales, conduct analyses, and help you make the best strategic decisions for your business. Additionally, Zeoos will be your partner in business, working together with you to achieve your sales goals. With Zeoos' Account Manager service, you will have the necessary support to succeed in each marketplace, with a customized service tailored to each client's area of expertise and experience.

Customer Service

Zeoos has a team of customer service representatives trained to handle the needs and concerns of customers quickly, professionally, and effectively. It is important to note that each marketplace requires a level of customer service that must be met and exceeded to avoid penalties. Additionally, ignoring customer needs can have a negative impact on the company's reputation. Zeoos is committed to meeting all of these requirements and ensuring customer satisfaction on all online sales platforms. Zeoos' commitment to providing exceptional customer service is evidenced by its multi-channel approach, including phone, email, and social media. With Zeoos' customer service solution, your company will increase customer loyalty and create a positive image for your brand and business.

Market Intelligence

Zeoos provides a Market Intelligence service to assist companies in making strategic decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information about the market in which they operate, including the price monitoring functionality, which is essential for positioning products in the buybox. Through the analysis of data and consumer trends, the tool can provide valuable insights on personalized prices for each sales channel, as well as the behavior of customers and competitors. With our Market Intelligence service, companies can obtain a clearer and more objective view of their market niche, allowing for more assertive decision-making.